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Master Code (Must Be On)0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Infinite HealthDE9CD34A F8AADE4B
DE9CD356 002AFB83
DE9CD37E A0F59B93
DE9CD326 BCA99B83
DE9CD342 BCA99B83
Kain: Upgraded [Note 1]DEB5DA06 BCA99B84
Show Health Debug InfoDE9CD342 BCA99B83
Show Velocity Debug InfoDE9CD332 BCA99B83
Show Lore Debug InfoDE9CDEEA BCA99B83
Show CoordinatesDE9CDFD6 BCA99B83
Show Time Debug InfoDE9CDE06 BCA99B83
Super Jump [Note 2]DE8E533A F8AADA03
DE8E53C2 002ABB83
Always Can Target "Dark Gift Jump"DE9BC87ECCA99B42
Matrix Kain (Slow-Motion)DEB5A22E FAF56750
Matrix Enemies (Slow-Motion)DEB5A22A FAF56750
Hyper Kain (Ultra Speed)DEB5A22E FC299B83
Hyper Enemies (Ultra Speed)DEB5A22A FC299B83


Note 1:Begin the game or a new level with armor and the Soul Reaver.

Note 2: Be careful when jumping indoors, as you may become stuck in ceilings. Be careful when jumping outside, as you may jump out or off the level.